Please join our Discord server, where we share details and updates about all our events. See Leaderboard for the seasonal leaderboard and ruleset. We’ll introduce some of our regular events in sections below.

Weekly meetup & workshop

Fall 2023 Meeting Picture

We will be teaching and playing at our weekly meetup.

For Spring 2024, we’ll meet in room 1.106 of the WCP Student Activity Center on Sunday 2-4 PM by default. We may continute to play after 4 PM in the same building.

In Fall 2023, we hosted workshops at the weekly meetups! Here are the links to the workshop webpage/slides thus far:

  1. Scoring Workshop by Peter
  2. 5-block Theory Workshop by Bryan
  3. Shanten Workshop 1 by Dani
  4. Shanten Workshop 2 by Dani
  5. Basic Defense Theory Workshop by Peter

Weekly online session

Every Friday night, we will be playing in our club’s official lobbies on Mahjong Soul:

  • Yonma Tonpuu: 482199
  • Yonma Hanchan: 643662
  • Sanma Tonpuu: 779124
  • Sanma Hanchan: 790275

We recommend joining the voice channels on our Discord server during our online session!

UTA vs UTD tournament

The “UTA vs UTD” is a special friendly tournament we host during every major break of the UT system, pitting Longhorn Riichi (“UTA”) against the UT Dallas Riichi Mahjong Association (“UTD”).

  • It is a team-based tournament consisting of 2 stages.
  • Each stage has multiple tables with 2 players from each team.
  • Each table plays 2 games per stage.
  • Each player’s score contributes to the respective team total.

Here is the latest ruleset.