Here are the relevant documents for the leaderboard, including the leaderboard spreadsheets, ruleset, etc.

Spring 2024 Leaderboard


Our standard ruleset differs from the Mahjong Soul/Tenhou ranked mode only in the following ways:

  • Head bump is on.
  • Kan dora is always revealed immediately.
  • agariyame and tenpaiyame are off.
  • Placement bonus:
    • Yonma Tonpuu: +8/+3/-3/-8
    • Yonma Hanchan: +16/+6/-6/-16
    • Sanma Tonpuu: +8/0/-8
    • Sanma Hanchan: +16/0/-16

The comprehensive version of our ruleset can be found here.

Paid Member Leaderboard Prizes

Sticker Sheets

Baseline: a paid member will receive an award certificate and two full Riichi sticker sheets for each top-3 position on the leaderboard. We are actively exploring options to introduce more diverse prizes and broaden eligibility criteria.

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